Steady AF: Recommitting and Revisiting

In my previous posts I’ve discussed that I’m doing a no pressure November challenge. This post is kind of like a check in, but I also want to write about something that I struggle with when committing to a fitness program, life change, or new habit.

We’re halfway through November (WHAT) – I challenged myself this month to stick with a vegan diet and to try and do something active everyday – whether it be going to the gym or doing a short peaceful yoga practice in my room with my dog.

In life we let things slip out of our grasps, and we fall back on old patterns after the initial rush of excitement for starting something new wears off. This has to be the biggest reason I have so many unfinished projects, goals, and ideas. I mess up once, and suddenly my subconscious whispers that I might as well slip up again and again because I’m already headed down that path. I truly believe it’s so important to check in with yourself without being harsh or judgmental after about two or three weeks of pursuing your new goal. It can reignite the excitement and the determination that you had at the beginning and you can also reflect on what you DID do instead of the days you decided to sleep in until noon instead of going to the gym.

SO. Checking in. I have been pretty good about eating completely vegan. I accidentally bought some veggie burgers at the store that had eggs in them – but that’s about it. I’m really proud about that and I have to say it’s a lot easier to be vegan if you get yourself excited about cooking! As for the active part of my goal I haven’t done as well. There were definitely four or five days where I considered playing fetch with my dog my daily activity – BUT – as I was reminded by my boyfriend last night, this challenge was about not putting so much pressure or being so hard on myself … and looking back at the last few weeks I’ve been to the gym probably more times then I went this summer, and that is AWESOME. Weight wise I’ve lost probably one pound – but I’m not stressing about a scale because those things can straight up lie to you.

I’m excited to recommit to this no pressure challenge. Again if any of y’all want to join in and share vegan food or yoga poses I would absolutely love it. I hope this post helps you. Seriously if you are starting anything new I highly recommend putting a two week check-in in your calendar where you really think about why you started and remind yourself that you haven’t slipped too far off the path.  ❤



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