Gratitude Dude


Let’s talk about living in a mental state of lack.

I’m all about manifesting the life of your dreams, and please expect more blog posts completely devoted to the subject, but today I’m writing specifically about the huge muck puddles of green-eyed envy and despair we all tend to get stuck in. I am so guilty of this. As I scroll through social media I’ll see some gorgeous person twisted into some incredible yoga pose with this goddess glow… this I-just-did-seven-hours-of-yoga-and-took-three-ginger-shot glow that I immediately become jealous of.

Ok this person probably didn’t do seven hours of yoga… and they definitely didn’t take three shots of pure ginger… but their happiness, beauty, and all around joy is contagious and is extremely envy inducing. Maybe you’re stuck in your room and lamenting that it doesn’t look like it came straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. Maybe you’re driving your car and you see someone pass you in a shiny new Tesla and you just want to honk your horn like a lunatic at them until they hand over the keys and you drive away in your freshly stolen Tesla (Don’t actually do that it’s illegal guys come on.)

If you are sitting around boo-hooing about how little you have or you’re comparing your life to other people’s and complaining about how everyone else seems to have been dealt the upper hand, then you are probably living in a state of big fat LACK. Maybe it’s time to make a huge mental shift in order to finally achieve and get your hands on the stuff and the happiness and the red-bottomed shoes you’ve been drooling and crying over.

*DISCLAIMER* – There is genuine heartbreak, genuine loss and sadness, horrible things that happen in our lives to us and to the people around us. I by no means am saying that you shouldn’t take the time to feel those feelings, process them, heal properly – and my deepest sympathies and heart go out to everyone suffering or struggling with anything that seems like it won’t get better.

I know from personal experience the joy and the healing that can come through staying grateful and it’s something we can all feel if we shift our brains into abundance mode – into a state of constant gratitude for the beauty we have around us moment to moment.

At first it can feel like sarcasm. Start writing things down that you’re grateful for. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be the new hipster fluoride free toothpaste you purchased yesterday or maybe it’s the flowering tree outside your window. Maybe it’s the fresh air, your cat curled up on your chest, the fact that you get to work inside a heated office building, or maybe you’re just grateful for your breath. If you can get your subconscious mind used to knowing that it has wonderful things around it and that happiness and joy are available to you at all times then you will start attracting bigger and better things into your life, the kind of things you used to boohoo about not having.

Try writing ten things down that you are grateful for before you go to bed each night – or journal a full page of stream of consciousness style text all about what you are most grateful for. We can reshape our lives by shifting our perception of what is around us. YOU are in charge of your reality. Make yours abundant, joyful, loving, and amazing.



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