4 Things to do Before the New Year

Hi beautiful people. 2017 felt extremely long as it was a year packed with transformation and learning for me and so many others. As I’ve mentioned previously, I always pick a word or a theme for the new year, and the word for 2017 was “heal.” Little did I know, it wouldn’t be a clean uphill climb, and that there would be high points and low points along the path, rather than a smooth course to ultimate healing. As I type this, I can say without any doubt that the universe helped me with my theme in 2017 and that I can only hope that 2018 is filled with as much growth and transformation as the year before. I am using the steps I talk about in this post to help me achieve my goals in the new year, and I want to challenge you to follow these four steps to help you ready yourself for the future and for the limitless new possibilities ahead of you.

Leave the Past in the Past

People carry around so much negativity. We all have traumas and heartbreaks and problems that need more time to navigate through and heal, but the small stuff should stay behind in 2017. Small things that you are holding on to like guilt, reliving past memories that you can’t change, overthinking – these things hold us back like we are stuck in a sticky tar pit of despair. Petty arguments, guilt over eating too many cookies over the holidays… leave it all in 2017. Try meditating on this. Take deep breaths. Imagine these small, toxic problems falling away from you and leaving you at peace. Set yourself free from any extra negativity that can easily be brushed off or left behind. Give yourself the gift of a clean slate.

Reset Your Mindset

It’s time that you start believing in yourself. Our subconscious is riddled with toxic thoughts and beliefs that we tell ourselves on a regular basis. Start trying to listen in on these toxic thoughts. You have the power to change your mind and the way it thinks, it just takes a little time and a little more effort. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a loved one. Cheer yourself on. If you start to feel like the goal you are setting for yourself is too great or that you are not capable, ask yourself why you think that way. Is it because you are scared? Is it because your goal might be taking you outside of your comfort zone? Is it because you think you don’t have enough time? Replace these thoughts with positivity. Get in control of your own thoughts and your own behaviors and stop letting your negative subconscious thoughts run the show.

Declutter – Organize Your Space

Go through your things. Donate items you haven’t used since the stone age. Rearrange your furniture. Open a window. Light a candle. Hang those pictures up that are sitting in a box in the garage. Getting rid of physical things that weigh you down can help freshen up your life and reinvigorate your spirit just in time for the new year. If you are trying to manifest love, get rid of things that are holding you in the past. If you are trying to start a business, organize and set up your desk or home office space. Martha Stewart the heck out of your life.

Journal It Out

I’m a huge advocate for writing things down. I am also an advocate of not setting too rigid of goals for yourself; I think having a goal or destination is key – but try to stay flexible and go with the flow of the universe on your way to achieving it. With that said, I do think it’s so important to write down and memorize the goals and dreams you have in mind for the new year. How do you want to feel? How do you want to live? Who do you want to hang out with more? Write it all down. Write at least two full pages of what you hope to achieve and how you want to feel in 2018.


I hope these steps serve you well – I have a lot of exciting things on the horizon that I can’t wait to share with you all. ❀ See you in 2018.


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