Caring About Comparing

Good evening wonderful people. I have been thinking a lot about comparison and how it robs us all of so many AMAZING opportunities. It’s probably one of the nastiest habits to break because society trains us to think in these toxic patterns by subjecting us to constant demeaning advertisements and unrealistic body ideals and images. Maybe it’s not something you can stop completely, but definitely something you can become more aware of as you go about your day.

Feeling envious is one way it manifests. Remember that people usually put their best selves out on social media for the world to see. Comparing your worst day to their best selfie ever taken is absurd, but we all do it. You need to understand that YOU are just as amazing, unique, and capable as everyone out there on the web. No one is you. That is the power you hold. Most of the time we are comparing and judging because we do not feel worthy. Spend some time meditating and focusing on your self esteem and self worth and I guarantee you will notice a huge shift in the amount of time you spend feeling negative and stuck in a prison of harsh comparison.

Remember that it’s okay for someone to be successful! It does not rob you of your own successes OR the ability to be successful in the future. Personally, I used to struggle with this facet of comparison. It caused me to think that there was absolutely ZERO point in starting or trying anything because I would have to be a beginner, and I couldn’t stand to see all of these other people my age that were already experts and excelling at the thing I want to be amazing at. It was a miserable way to live as I was constantly forcing myself to give up on a lot of my biggest dreams out of fear that I wouldn’t ever be as successful as the people I was comparing myself to.

Try to notice when you are comparing yourself a little too harshly with another human and see if you can flip your mindset. Try to celebrate what is making you feel that sting of envy when you see that other person. Is it their awesome hair? Their millions of dollars? Their college degrees? Take a moment and try to truly be happy for them and respect that those things do not make YOU any less capable of having qualities that are just as spectacular. One thing that is a sure fire way to keep you STUCK in the envy and comparison spiral is insulting, judging, or resenting the other person for having what you want. If it makes you feel so uncomfortable, try to direct that discomfort into motivation to get whatever it is that you are so impressed by. Time is ticking away as you sit and scroll on your phone grumbling about how you don’t have what everyone else has. Put down the phone and get to work.

In the end, everyone is comparing themselves to everyone all the time. I’m sure Gigi Hadid is out there comparing herself to another girl on Instagram. WE ALL DO IT. Try to be kind to yourself and kind to others. The more we respect other people and the things that make us envious the more the universe will see that we are open and willing to having those things in our lives as well. The universe responds to love and celebration. If we strive to see the best in others we will bring forth the best in ourselves as well.



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