Life Is Precious

It’s astounding to me how quickly you can be made aware of the fragility of human life. As someone who hasn’t experienced as much loss as others, I find myself trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.

A shooting happened at a school that a few of my sweet family members attend, it’s also where my little sister would be attending if she wasn’t home schooled. My heart sank as I heard the news today. I am saddened for the lives forever altered by this violence. I am saddened that we have failed yet another school full of innocent children. I do not know what changes need to be made to prevent a horrific tragedy like this from happening, but something clearly needs to be done.

The effects of gun violence are long lasting and traumatic to the survivors. Having multiple family members who already suffer from PTSD due to gun related violence, I am incredibly disturbed that more will be added to this list today – all of them children.

Cherish life. Spread awareness. Teach compassion. Make seeking mental health care normal and okay for your family. Be an activist so children do not have to suffer the consequences.


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