The Flow and How to Go With It

I love to control things, which you may not get from my messy bedroom, my unkempt hair, and my inability to keep to any sort of strict, rigid schedule. I love things to happen in the exact order that I dream up. Something I have had to come to terms with, and I’m sure most of us have to come to terms with, is that the universe rarely grants us the luxury of things magically happening and panning out in our perfectly planned time frame – and that is okay. In fact it’s normal. We spend so much time under society’s crippling time constraints. We are told when we need to go to college, when we need to have children, when we need to retire, or even when we need to stop wearing bikinis!

Life isn’t a linear uphill climb. There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” schedule that you should follow for your entire existence until you retire in your small beach home off the coast of Florida. Life is so completely peppered and riddled with setbacks and grand leaps forward that it can look more like a jagged mountain range, plummeting and then sharply rising up to the tallest achievements and happy spaces of your life.

I’ve been meditating a lot on this lately. I have felt so much success, love, and clarity lately – but the part of me that needs control has felt like something is missing. The constant need to be completely perfect is absolutely ridiculous for someone like me and for most of us here on the planet. I often find that I am creating my own disappointment and my own heartbreak because I can’t live up to these lofty expectations that I try to enforce upon myself, or these intense time constraints.

I believe that we are all on the right path. If we continue meditating and releasing the need to control then we will all find more moments of peace and clarity in our lives. Healthy goals and schedules are necessary, but unrealistic expectations or at least the adverse reaction when we fail to meet them is what we need to chip away at. To err is to be human. Failure is not fatal.

I felt compelled to write this for myself and hopefully for some of my readers. I think there is something great to be said about being able to let life carry you to exactly who and where you need to be. It doesn’t mean you stop going after your dreams and desires, it just means you’re a little kinder to yourself when you do things out of order, or a littler slower than society’s unrealistic expectations. ❤


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